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As a parent you know your child better than anyone else. At Nippertime, we want to build on that to help your child develop, to give them the best start they can receive, in a fun, friendly and secure environment.

By forming a close relationship with you, we can understand your child’s needs. Children under five learn faster than at any other stage in life. Each child has different needs, learns at different pace and this is why we monitor closely how a child is progressing. This enables us to ensure that your child is learning at the right pace.

Nippertime Preschool Nursery

Nippertime gives you as a parent, the knowledge of what your child is doing at the Preschool, what they are expected to have learnt and how they are progressing. This transparency is a fundamental principle of Nippertime Preschool.

As a parent myself, I know that it is important to give your child the best preparation before they start the reception year. There are standards defined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which are required learning in a Preschool environment.

Nippertime Preschool Nursery

And best of all this can be achieved through fun, constructive activities which children enjoy. All of our staff will be dedicated to helping your child’s preparation through to the reception year.

I hope that you will entrust your child to Nippertime.

Nippertime Preschool NurseryNippertime Preschool Nursery Fiona

Fiona Napier
Nippertime Preschool Manager

Ofsted Rating Good - Nippertime Preschol

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