Nippertime Diary

Opening Hours

We are open 9:30am to 13:25pm, Monday to Friday - excluding bank holidays - 39 weeks per year and following the local schools term timetable. This is especially useful if you have any older children at primary school.

We all stop for lunch break at 12:30pm so the children can eat their packed lunches together with the staff. More Information


When can my child join Nippertime?

Your child can join Nippertime at any time during the year provided that a place is available.

Are places always available?

We hope to be able to offer your child a place subject to availability. In the event that this is not possible your child would be placed on a waiting list. It is advisable to book early.

How do I reserve a place for my child?

Please contact us for an application form or alternatively please feel free to come to Nippertime to look around and collect a form. You are welcome to visit at any time during normal working hours without the need for an appointment.

Term Timetable