“Noah has adjusted really well to his new routine at primary school. Nippertime couldn’t have supported him any better, as he has learnt about consistency and routine. The teachers have allowed him to prepare himself when changing activities, as he was struggling with the changes, he was then learning how to measure time using the sand timer. He also learnt how to socialize and made a true friend, he stills meet his friend and he talks about his experience at Nippertime with affection.”

February 2019

“Nippertime provided an excellent starting point for my son Leo into education. When he started reception, he settled in really well which was a great to Fiona and the team. Lots of the routines at Nippertime were the same as school so Leo found to really easy to transition. Nippertime provided a great basis so Leo has since been able to build on this making it a lot easier for him to adjust. In the term before Leo started school, he started to feel unsettled at the prospect of starting school. I was able to discuss Leos worries with Nippertime and they supported him with lots of preparations for starting school which really helped any anxiety he had about starting school. Nippertime ended with a lovely leaving party which was the perfect ending. Thank u Nippertime!”

November 2018

“Flynn was well prepared and so excited for school. We have had his 1st parents evening and he is doing really well, especially as he is one of the youngest in the year. His phonics and numeracy are good. He can write his first name and he has just been moved onto simple reading books, following his first assessment”

November 2018

“The transition for Lily from Nippertime to school was so smooth thanks to the preparation put in by Nippertime. Everything from having coat hooks, water bottles and book bags to ‘look after’ has meant that this has just been a continuation for Lily at her new school. I’m sure this has helped her be responsible for her things and so far, she hasn’t lost any uniform or possessions!”

November 2018

“We found the transition from preschool to school, a surprisingly easy one. The structure framework that was provided at Nippertime, really helped him with transitioning into school. Things such as lining up and moving from one subject/activity to the next then participating in tidying up has really seen a great improvement in his behaviour, and the knowledge to know what is expected in a large school setting. I am very confident in saying Nippertime has had a very positive influence in shaping his ability to have a very rewarding and pleasant first term at school”

November 2018

“Nippertime played a huge part in the way Amy has confidently settled into school life. Meeting the Reception teacher at Nippertime, along with encouraging conversations with pre-school staff, helped Amy to get a glimpse of what school was like. The transition from pre-school to school was as smooth as it could possibly be and I cannot thank Fiona and her team enough”

November 2018

“George has settled really well at Warlingham Village Primary - he was so ready to get started and we have had no problem at all in terms of leaving him there. He is always pretty happy to go in, and has turned into a polite and caring, confident little boy! We are so pleased with his progress - just in the last week or so the writing has really clicked in - he can hold a pen really confidently and knows most of the letters! He now loves to write and draw, and is learning to read and sounding out words really well. We are literally staggered by his progress.….and obviously we can thank Nippertime for his start down this road! Very excited for the future. Thanks for everything, to all of you!”

November 2018