Nippertime Fees

Fees can be paid on a monthly or term basis as follows:

  • Term - Payment for the whole of term due the first week of term commencing. Interest will be charged for late payments.
  • Monthly - Paid monthly in advance by standing order to Nippertime Preschool on the 28th of the previous month or the next banking day there after. Fees are calculated on an annual basis, this sum is then divided by 12 to arrive at a monthly figure, and although the months may vary in length the amount stays the same.
  • 2 year old funding - For more information please follow the link:
  • Childcare Vouchers - Childcare vouchers are accepted.

Refunds or deductions cannot be made if a child is ill, on holiday or for any reason that a child does not attend Preschool. Days which are reserved, cannot be relocated to other days.


No reduction is made where a child is collected early. A Discount of 5% is given if your child attends all five days per week. In addition, if a brother or sister of the child attends the preschool, then a further 5% discount is given off the lowest child's fees payable. These fees exclude the cost of any grant your child may be allocated.