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The staff are a major factor to the children feeling emotionally secure when separating from their parent/carer. They have extensive childcare knowledge due to qualifications achieved, courses attended and personal experience i.e. own families, leading toddler groups and running gymnastic classes. They are approachable, committed, caring, kind and happy, great assets to have when being a role model for children. They understand the different children’s needs and treat them as individuals. In return the children are happy to participate in fun and constructive activities. Moreover, staff are courteous to one another, transparent and respectful to parents/carers, allowing close relationships to be built. Through the day and throughout the setting there is familiarity, which contributes to children’s emotional wellbeing.

At Nippertime we want to ensure that our staff are happy and committed to their job. This offers stability to your child's care and education.


We have completed our Quality Improvement Award which was awarded by Surrey County Council

"Surrey County Council Early Years Quality Improvement Award (Surrey QIA) is a type of quality assurance scheme. A quality assurance scheme helps you to look at what you do, identify areas that need to be improved and work out how to make those improvements. And by completing a quality assurance scheme you will be able to prove that you have made progress against a set of agreed standards and raised the quality of your setting"

"Childcare providers who have completed the award have chosen to improve the quality of their service and the experiences offered to your child"

Surrey County Council Award for excellence
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