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The children have access to equipment designed specifically for them, including sofas, chairs and tables. Resources are in trolleys made by Community Playthings that allow children to self-choose their play, enabling staff to follow the children’s interests and enhance their roleplay. These are changed every day.

The children have access to ‘under the sea’ and ‘animals’ toilets. The children are always supervised when going to the toilet but are actively encouraged to be independent with their self-care.

We have a separate kitchen, which provides us with facilities such as a cooker, microwave and two fridges.


Our indoor continuous provision provides various areas- a library, imagination (trolleys rotated daily), under three, kitchen/home, dressing up/roleplay, creative art, physical and a school leaver section.

The outdoor continuous provision includes painting, sand, soil, water, instruments, roleplay, small world, bikes, physical equipment and an activity area with climbing frames, slides, tyres, see saw and a large connect four game.

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