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Here you can find everything about how to join Nippertime

Can my child join if still not dry

When can my child join?

Your child can join Nippertime anything during the year provided they are 2 years old or above.


Can my child join if they are still in nappies?

We welcome non-dry children and will help with parents with potty training etc. We asks parents to provide nappies, wet wipes and sudocream or preferred cream


Are places always available?

We hope to be able to offer your child a place immediately subject to availability. In the event that we cannot we have a waiting list . It is advisable to book early, even if that is a year in advance 


How do I reserve a place?

Please contact us on 07903 361054 or email us at

We are also able to provide a tour of our facilities outside normal hours by prior arrangement

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