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Daily Activities

Providing Everything Your Child Needs


Teaching indoors and out

For all the children activities are designed around the foundation stage. We are able to use our covered outside area in all weathers. British values are at the heart of everything we do. We always encourage good manners, sharing and making choices. The children are actively taught to feel confident and self-assured. This takes the form of encouragement, recognition of achievement and trying new things. We are always striving to improve


The children have access to equipment designed specifically for them, including sofas, chairs and tables. Resources are in trolleys made by Community Playthings that allow children to self-choose their play, enabling staff to follow the children’s interests and enhance their roleplay. These are changed every day. The children have access to ‘under the sea’ and ‘animals’ toilets. The children are always supervised when going to the toilet but are actively encouraged to be independent with their self-care. We have a separate kitchen, which provides us with facilities such as a cooker, microwave and two fridges.


Our indoor continuous provision provides various areas - a library, imagination, (trolleys rotated daily), under three, kitchen/home, dressing up/roleplay, creative art, school leaver and physical. The outdoor continuous provision includes painting, sand, soil, water, instruments, roleplay, small world, bikes, physical equipment and an activity area with climbing frames, slides, tyres, see saw and a large connect four game.


Arrival / Snack / Lunch

On arrival the children have access to bread and butter to eat if they choose. We have discovered that this helps children focus more on their imaginative play and adult led activities. The Sessions include a snack and a lunchtime where children and staff sit together to eat and socialise. Snack time everyday includes a healthy variety of fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates. Drinks of milk or water are available from jugs. Children also have access to water dispensers and cups enabling them to have a drink of water when they are thirsty throughout the day. This encourages their independence.

We choose to have snack and lunch like this as some children may not experience sitting with others at a table, it encourages communication with peers and staff, using manners, in addition teaching self-sufficiency. At lunch time the staff bring their own packed lunches and sit with the children. They are then able to socialise, keep an eye on lunch contents and assist where necessary.

We aim to practise a nut free environment although we recognise that this cannot be guaranteed, but we are ‘nut aware’. Children bring their own packed lunches, parents/carers must not send food to Nippertime that contains nuts. This includes, but is not limited to: peanut paste / butter, Nutella, all nuts and cooking oil containing peanut oil, as well as foods containing nuts or traces of nuts. We are ‘nut aware’ during any cooking activities. Any allergies are listed on the children’s individual placemats and in the kitchen area on the days the children attend.


Please notify us if your child has any allergies.

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